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It’s All About The Washingtons

February 21st, 2013

I made a dollar from my blog today. So, my plan to get rich is all coming together…

wasted potential earns its first dollar
I’m kidding, of course. This all started last year when I checked my Google Analytics and noticed that I was actually starting to get some decent traffic on this site. I started toying with the idea of putting some ads on the site. I’d be really happy if the ads made enough money to pay for my hosting fees.

But I’m kind of ambivalent about having ads on the site. I feel like the world needs less visual clutter and an ad is an implicit endorsement of the product, which I’d have to be comfortable with. Instead, I decided to add a PayPal button to the site and see if people would make donations. It’s a bit of an experiment.

My hosting fees are only about $7/month. I get about 1500 visitors to the site on average week. So, to cover the site hosting, I need a conversion rate of less than 0.12%. It seemed like an achievable goal, but since I added the PayPal button in June 2012, I have not had a single donation…

…UNTIL TODAY! It really made my day to get an email from PayPal telling me that someone had donated a dollar. You have earned some serious karma points today for a mere dollar. Thank you!

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