June 10th, 2009

At the moment, I can’t post my most recent work because of Non-disclosure agreements with clients. I hope to update this page in the future with some recent examples in a flashy new portfolio, but for now, you can check out some of my previous work by checking out the links below:

wasted potential version 2Click here to visit the portfolio page for the previous incarnation of wasted potential. There is a wide variety of work there, including some illustration and animation work. Please note that this link takes you to a bizarro version of my current site. It looks similar, but it isn’t the same. Don’t listen to anything that the old site tells you – it’s still mad about being abandoned.


wasted potential version 1Click here to see the original version of wasted potential. I built this site back when I was first learning flash and HTML. It has a lot of flaws (like the liberal use of Comic Sans font), but it has quite a bit of naive charm too… and it helped me land my first web development job, so I’ll always have a soft spot for it.